The Seed of Wrath

by Hypocras

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released June 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Hypocras Geneva, Switzerland

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Track Name: Judgement of the Alpha
Verse 1

Surviving for many years

We’re sailing on the unknown

We’re heading towards Hell

We’re living in our dreams !

Brothers in the beginning

Proximity made them strangers

Strain divided them

Madness is near

Tension and fear govern

Humans are waiting for the end

The end of their lives !

The end of their time !

The end of their world !


We were there before their genesis

As the alpha elements, WE MUST REIGN !

Now we cry for this close ending

A new era for us

As the omega elements, WE’LL REMAIN !

Verse 2

They devour themselves

Cruelty is their passion

Our wish is to believe !

To believe in something real

And not in an ephemeral thing

As human being!


No respect for our help

They must disappear!
Track Name: Sociopathic
Verse 1

You can see my face in your nightmares

My voice in your head

When the wrath devours your mind

I can set you free !

Make me a place to deliver justice and revenge

I’ll be your weapon ! I’ll be your judgement !

Since the first injustice has beaten you

You feed me with people’s lies

You are angry as ever so let me out!

Now, imagine them crying and screaming

Is it not an awesome melody ?

Verse 2

I’m at the source of your permanent tension

As a tumour in your brain, I remove your morality

But you keep me hidden from the other’s eyes

Ignoring me when I’m calling you

That’s why you’re a neurotic!



And liars!

There are making you mad!


And distress

Show no mercy !

They deserve it, show them your sociopathic side!

Verse 3

After my enthronement comes the transcendental state

You’ll rejoice to break these chains of empathy

As the only composer of your life

It’s time to write your masterpiece

With ink of blood and tears !
Track Name: Blood Feast
Verse 1

After many days fighting for the ases way

We are sitting together around the table of feast

Now the time has come to evacuate our pain

No more enemies left. Danger is away


Boars are roasting upon the dancing flames

The girls are filling up our pints of beer

So now we drink and joke about this battle

We know that it’s over and until the sunset


We will die

Of beer and meat set to get completely drunk

All night long

We are feasting to death no more clouds, no more pain

Verse 2

Our swords are in the case, the shields hooked on the wall

And the helmets are put in a corner of the hall

Drinking from the skull of our enemies

The wine of victory is rejoicing our hearts

Guitar solo

Verse 3

Sated and drunk the meal comes to an end

There’s still a hunger that we need to fill

All those pretty girls know how to take care of us

Everyone gets a girl, let’s goooo!!!
Track Name: Sadness and Psychosis
Couplet 1

I’m still walking on the road

Loneliness is my best friend

In northern lands, I‘ll find absolution

The last step in my wretched life

Arriving at dawn in the snowy forest


The seclusion becomes alienation

The bestial side is near



Bringing me strength

Damning my soul

I am a double-edged power!

Venom for myself

Wonder the gods

Ulfarks! I become one of yours!

Verse 2

It’s just here, observing me

I feel the furor growing in my heart

I must resist this calling longer

I can’t let madness consume me

To disappear is the best way for me

My place is nowhere

I prefer to leave this world on my own

At least, it’s my decision
Track Name: Valkyries Experience
Verse 1

Thirty years of piracy and death

This will be my last journey


Fate will not govern my end

It is my life

My Way to die

My wealth and home are for my wife

My son will wear my armour and serve with honour

Verse 2

Winter year 864

We’ll take this land

Our Danelaw!


The Brits are straight in front of us

I see their armour shining

I sense them fearing us


I’ve always been a hard man

But I’m tired of this violence

I’ll leave this world…

By the blade!

I desire to have some rest

And meet my dead friends

I’ll leave this world…

In Valkyrie’s hand!

Verse 3

They see us as bloody freaks

We’re the Pagan fighters


I put my axe in three heads

Suddenly there’s bare steel in my back

Life runs out of me, my eyes become vacant, darkness seizes me, finally I see


My gaze crosses yours

The cold of your sight reveals my deepest fears

Loneliness, banishment and despair

I must be strong enough

To accept and become an Einherjar!

Your contact evaporates my hate

I left human’s world

To serve the God’s

In their realm

The Valhalla until the end...
Track Name: Shut up and Drink!
Verse 1

At the tavern called «Dead Goblin»

Some are drinking silently

But other people cannot stop

Talking shit though no one cares

Talking shit though no one cares

They seem to have forgotten

What a tavern is made for

If they want to talk shit

They should go into politics

They should go into politics


At the tavern called «Dead Goblin»

There is one single rule

It’s simple : When your glass is full

Just shut up SHUT UP AND DRINK !!!

Verse 2

Stop walking toward me

I don’t want to speak with you

This guy stinks of boring speech

I forbid you to sit near me

Forbid you to sit near me

Now he starts telling me

Whatever I just don’t care

Let’s see if my axe right in your face

Will teach you how to behave

Will teach you how to behave
Track Name: Inner Wrath
Verse 1

May the Gods bless our axes and pour courage in our minds

The grass is covered with blood and guts… WITH BLOOD AND GUTS !

Pain screams, crushing bones sound like an anthem

This is our fucking music and we live for it… WE DIE FOR IT !

Gods have written my fate

My life is already traced… already traced

Dying and bleeding to fill up Odin’s cup

Our souls shall never be weakened… shall never be weakened


We pray everyday to the Gods of war

We fight and die for Odin

It is in us, it’s the spirit of war !

Here we are, here we fight, here we die!

Verse 2

We signed a sacred pact and our honour it’s up to it

This curse haunts our minds and we die burning… WE DIE BURNING !

We’re swimming in a bloodbath and our minds are turning red

Closer to savage beasts our opponents shake with fear… SHAKE WITH FEAR !

Gods have written my fate

My death is already traced… already traced

Dying and bleeding to fill up Odin’s cup

Our souls shall never be weakened… shall never be weakened

My soul is burning up. I feel Valkyrie’s wings touching my frozen back. And suddenly,

pain leaves my body, my life reaches out. But I still feel able to send some other ones to

Track Name: The Last Charge
Verse 1

The hate sparkles in our black eyes

The wind’s blowing against our face

Walking without hope of return

Toward a death that we’ve accepted !

That we’ve accepted !

We are the last of our species

Next fight will sound our death knell

We’ll not leave without a bloody price

There will be no victorious camp !

No victorious camp!


Our screams… Fill them with fear

We won’t… Let them survive

A wall… of raving beasts

Running… without fear of death

The last charge… Of metal heads

Makes the earth… shake to the roots

The last charge… Of metal heads

No one will stand… After this fight !

After this fight !

Verse 2

Our race has been exterminated

By pop stars filled with pride

Trying to kill all our music

They have made us stronger!

But they committed their worse mistake

By thinking : it’s all over

Now they will die by our killer sound

We’ll fight until the last one !

We’ll fight until the last one !